‘The Magic Dozen at Emerald Pond’ Reviews                             A book for all ages... by Bryan R. Daybell  (Park City, Utah) What a wonderful, motivating story for young and old alike. The tie-in with a "universal" athletic activity makes it a must read for everyone, boy and girl, man and woman, age 4 to 100. In these crazy times and this difficult world a book that gently teaches correct principles, correct thought, hard work and faith in oneself and at the same time entertains like this one does is a real treasure. I recommend it to everyone!                         Great For My Kids, by H. Jenkins I just finished reading the fourth chapter to my five-year old son. We love it! The only problem with this book is telling your kids that you'll have to read the next chapter tomorrow. It's a fun read with engaging characters.                         Movie Material, by Lawrence McLeod  (Bradenton, FL) What a great read!!! Normally I would not take the time to write a review but I feel that this book is an exception. The book's positive messages were inspirational and the character usage was extremely creative. This book should be used as a "teaching "tool for children and adults. In fact, this is the type of book that should be made into a movie. I highly recommend this book to all ages...regardless if you play golf or not.                         Great adventures, by Stephanie Eckstein  (Fort Worth, TX) I was fortunate to be in on the planning and early reading stages of this book. I am a believer in the teaching of honesty, loyalty, friendship and perseverance illustrated by the "The Magic Dozen." Sellers and Brown provide a wonderful canvas of life lessons for all ages. I look forward to sharing the antics and adventures of these special little balls with my grandchildren, who already have a love of the game of golf. I would recommend this book for any parent and school to stimulate discussion or just the joy of reading. Click Here To See What The ‘Bleacher Report’ Has To Say About ‘The Magic Dozen at Emerald Pond’ BE THE BALL PUBLISHING ©  Be The Ball, Inc. 2012 All rights reserved Contact Steve Brown at 801-278-3033 or sbrown@betheballinc.com HOME 1...2...3