BE THE BALL PUBLISHING ©  Be The Ball, Inc. 2012 All rights reserved Contact Steve Brown at 801-278-3033 or HOME ‘The Magic Dozen at Emerald Pond’ Reviews                            Worthy content and fanciful read, by Nancy P. Hungerford  (Natchez, MS USA) As a former school teacher and current executive director of a residential home and family services agency for abused and abandoned children, I am delighted to add the charming antics and powerful life lessons offered by "The Magic Dozen" to our agency's library. With the help of the contents of an old box of golf balls, Brown and Sellers offer a captivating change of perspective on values such as honesty, loyalty, persistence, kindness, and healthy living. "Be the Ball: The Magic Dozen at Emerald Pond" reinforces lessons that have been taught to thousands of youngsters served by our agency for almost two centuries. The story of a mysterious old box of golf balls come to life will delight and instruct every child who hears it and every adult who reads and shares it.                                              What a find!, by GF  (Los Angeles, CA) What a find this book was! My 9 year old son asked if we could read a book about golf. A casual search of Amazon found brought up "The Magic Dozen." We began to read it, a chapter a night, over a few weeks. I could never have imagined the impact this little book went on to have over my son. With each obstacle the characters in the book overcame, it spurred a new conversation between us. I even began to see him referring to the positive actions of the characters and how it related to things in his everyday life at school. There are so many positive lessons contained in this book that I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to any parent. I can't believe my good fortune to have found it.      Beautiful and creative with a great message!, by Peter Vogel  (Moline, IL USA) This is a thoroughly enjoyable book with great characters, wonderfully illustrated, a warm and thought-provoking story and an ultimately valuable lesson for readers of all ages, particularly young teens. The message of a positive attitude and hard work to overcome hardships and realize dreams resonates strongly and this book teaches a valuable, but still appropriately subtle, lesson about combating childhood obesity in a setting of fun, interesting and intriguing situations all can relate to. This book should find a home in all young person's libraries of favorites and is particularly well-suited to a school or classroom reading setting.  1...2...3