The Magic Dozen at Emerald Pond By Amber Sellers and M. Stephen Brown  The book has received kudos from readers of all ages across the country. Through a magical story shared by its creative characters, it targets numerous issues currently facing our youth, including childhood bullying and obesity.  This engaging book illustrates the rewards and joy of believing in yourself and challenges the reader to find their own Magic Dozen. "I just finished reading the fourth chapter to my 5 year old son.  We love it!" -  H. Jenkins "The story of a mysterious old box of golf balls that come to life will delight and instruct every child who hears it and every adult who reads and shares it." -  Nancy Hungerford "THESE BALLS ARE MAGICAL, IF YOU CAN FIND THE KEY.  I ONLY HOPE THEY TEACH YOU AS MUCH AS THEY TAUGHT ME."    H.B “What does it mean?”  “Who's H.B.?" Zack said. “Could it possibly be that one of the greatest players of all time left this box for me to find?” "NO WAY!" CLICK FOR MORE BOOK REVIEWS BE THE BALL PUBLISHING ©  Be The Ball, Inc. 2012 All rights reserved Contact Steve Brown at 801-278-3033 or HOME