©  Be The Ball, Inc. 2012 All rights reserved Contact Steve Brown at 801-278-3033 or sbrown@betheballinc.com HOME Tiger Woods was the victim of bullies his first day of kindergarten way back in 1981.  It wasn't pretty: was tied to a tree and taunted. That wasn't his only problem. He battled a stuttering problem which he worked to overcome and did. One of today's biggest societal problems is the presence of bullies. It's something that's come into the national spotlight, and some high-profile athletes, like Philadelphia Eagle DeSean Jackson, are working towards helping create awareness and resolution of this menace. There's a great little book that focuses on the problem, along with childhood obesity, and puts together a magical tale that has a wonderful lesson and uses golf as the vehicle. The book is titled ‘The Magic Dozen at Emerald Pond’ and it's a great read no matter what age group you might fall into. It’s a collaborative effort by Amber Lee Sellers and M. Stephen Brown, and it tells the story of a young boy named Zach who is growing up under tough circumstances. He's being raised by a single mother, lives in a small apartment with her, works at a driving range and becomes the target of a nasty bully named Johnny, who also happens to be a hot- shot junior golfer. Zach is also overweight. He's an under-achiever in school.  All he wants in life is to be left alone, but Johnny and his pack of friends simply won't let that happen. This is an inspiring story that gives an up-close look at the life of a young boy who lacks guidance, inspiration and motivation. He works after school for a former professional golfer who owns an old, run-down driving range-a man named Mr. Vogel who played in the Ben Hogan era. Vogel takes an interest in Zach, and a magical journey of work, study and self-transformation develops. It is a wonderful ride to see how the game of golf becomes the vital tool in taking Zach to a place he never imagined. It helps him conquer his weight problem, and he has the help of an amazing group of characters called "The Magic Dozen." It has that feel-good theme to it. It's something everyone can enjoy. It's a quick, easy, entertaining read that shows we can all do better and can overcome the things we are afraid of. There are captivating twists and turns to the story and there are many, many children and adults out there who know what Zach is going through. There are a lot of life lessons and golf lessons involved. It is a theme embraced by the First Tee program of the USGA. The Magic Dozen at Emerald Pond is more than a children's book. It's a modern story with a theme which is very relevant into today's world. It's one of those books you can read and pass on. It's a simple story about a complex problem. It's a magical journey with a road map to a winning spirit. It's something we can all use in our lives. By Tom Edrington (Featured Columnist) Bleacher Report Back to Publishing Home Golf Now Has a Magical Storybook with a Message of Hope BE THE BALL PUBLISHING